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​P​rimary Casualty​

​Underwriting expertise and long-​term relationships backed by the strength of Great American.

Great American Custom emphasizes service by building long-term relationships with client producers.  We specialize in providing primary casualty products that meet the needs of the commercial market. Our experienced casualty underwriting staff has a comprehensive knowledge of liability hazards, inherent exposures, and ratings along with a familiarity of forms and coverage requirements.  

Our focus is customer satisfaction.  We listen and work with you to fill your specific primary casualty needs. We will entertain a broad range of risks of a low claims frequency nature. Higher frequency business can be entertained with a formalized Self-Insured Retention program contracted with a qualified Third Party Claims Administrator.

​​Target Classes​

​We target the niche specialty market with the following characteristics:
-Low-claim frequency
-Small-to-medium siz​ed companies with revenues of $1M to $30M
Some classes we frequently write:
​Commercial contractors, including:
General Contractors
Electrical Contractors
Tile, Stone, Marble
Water and Sewer

 ​Floor Covering
Landscaping (excluding tree trimming)
Metal Erection and Fabrication
Pre-Fabricated Building Erection
Sheet Metal Work
Cable Installation
New Business Ventures
Project Specific – OCP, Railroad Protective
We consider condos, townhomes, residential tracts, single-family homes, and apartments all residential work and are not targeting contractors focusing on this type of work.  
We will consider artisan contractors who have a small percentage of residential repair or remodel work, though we prefer residential work to be less than 30% of operations.

Owners, landlords, and tenant risks, including:
Property Schedules including Single Family homes, duplexes, and triplexes
Condo Associations
Office, Warehouse
Vacant Land
Strip Malls
​We are targeting low-frequency accounts on the primary side, but have been successful in writing potential higher frequency accounts at higher attachments such as a lead umbrella or excess layers.

​Ineligible Classes

​Streets and Roads (rural ok)
Street Lights and Signals
Airport Runways​
Fire Suppression
Power Lines and Poles

Bridge Contractors
Pile Driving
Retaining Walls
Railroad Construction

Owners, Landlords, and Tenants:​

​​​Section 8 / Low Income Housing
Senior Living / Assi​sted Living
Student Housing
Daycare Centers
Shopping Centers​​
Fast Food Chains/Restaurant/Bar
Bowling Alleys
Grocery Stores
Mobile Home Parks​

We can consider property schedules with a small % of low income, senior living, or student housing, but prefer that those properties be less than 20% of the property schedule.


We underwrite risks on behalf of two of American Financial Group's "A+" insurers:
  • ​Great American Assurance Company (admitted) - for all busine​​ss inside of California
  • Great American E&S Insurance Company (non-admitted) - all business outside of California​​​
​Both are rated A+ XIV by A.M. Best and A+ by Standard and Poor's

We write on admitted paper in the following venues:
  • ​For Commercial Contractors in CA, ​​AZ, and NV
We write on non-admitted papers for:
  • ​​C​ommercial Contractors NOT located in CA, AZ, or NV
  • All OL&T business
Coverage Offerings
- Commercial General Liability - ISO Form CG 00 01 12 07
- Railroad Protective Liability - ISO Form CG 00 35 12 07
- Owners and Contractors Protective Liability - ISO Form CG 00 09 12 07

Primary in-house capacity of $2M for each occurrence and $4M aggregate:
  • ​Stand​ard limits for CGL and OCP are $1M/$2M
  • ​Standard limits for RPL are $2M/$6M​​
In special cases, we can offer primary limits of $5M for each occurrence and $10M aggregate but need to make special arrangements with our treaty reinsurers.

Minimum premium of $15,000 to $25,000
Deductibles range from $1K to $25K, though the standard is $5K

Umbrella and lead excess coverage of up to $10M can also be written above our own primary policies.

Submission Requirements
​Basic Submission Package
​​​Description of Operations / Risk Summary
Acord Application
Five Years Currently Valued Loss Runs
Prior Year Premium and Rate
Target premium
Financials ​are a Plus
​​​If ​a Commercial Contractor
​​​Contractor's Supplemental
Contactor's License #
Current Work on Hand and Largest Past Jobs
Subcontractor's Agreement
​If OL&T​
​​​Insured Description – owner and/or property manager (whose coverage is primary)
COPE Schedule - with:
  • Year Built, Year of Last Updates (roof, elec, plum, HVAC)
  • Stories
  • Fire Protection
  • Pool Info (gated, diving boards, depths marked)
  • Armed Se​curity
  • Assisted Living/Student Housing/Low Income
  • Balconies​​​​​​
​​​​Copy of Standard Rental Agreement
Copy of Property Management Agreement, if Contracted Out​

Over 90% of the policies are written on Admitted paper - 
Great American Insurance Company, Great American Assurance Company, Great American Alliance Insurance Company, ​​Great American Insurance Company of New York, Great American Security Insurance Company, and Great American Spirit Insurance Company.

Claims Services

Specialized - Great American Custom Primary Casualty claims team provide dedicated claim professionals in the areas of general liability specializing in commercial contractors including construction defect and construction injury claims as well as Owners, Landlord and Tenant including premises and business auto. Our adjusters take a proactive approach to facilitate the prompt investigation of claims for a cost-effective resolution.

Loss Reporting Email​
Contact (800) 687-4453​ or eFax (855) 763-4172​​

​​Underwriter Directory​​​

Listing of underwriters that do primary business​ ​

Great American Custom

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  • Atlanta
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  • Philadelphia

Great American Custom is a full-service underwriting division of Great American Insurance Group focused on long-term client relationships and customized business solutions. We specialize in providing primary casualty products as well as umbrella and capacity excess products that meet the needs of the commercial market. Our policyholders range from small businesses to complex multi-national corpora​tions and Fortune 1000 companies.​

There are over 3,000 property and casualty insurance companies in the United States. Only 50 are included on the Ward’s 50 List for safety, consistency, and performance. Only 5 have been rated “A” or better by A.M. Best for over 100 years. Only 2 are on both lists. Great American Insurance Company is 1 of the 2.

Great American Custom

​725 S. Figueroa St. Suit​e 3400
​Los Angeles, CA 90017
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